Our Team

Vitalii F

Position: Project Manager / Drupal Developer

Vitalii is a software developer and an open source contributor. He has a great experience in tackling programming related problems. Vitalii likes to improve his beloved web framework by giving back to the community.

Dmitry Z

Position: Drupal Developer

Dmitry is a technology guru, who can cope with toughest projects. He can always provide a new insight and propose up-to-date solutions to your problems. As an inherent leader, he has built a team of highly-qualified developers.

Sergei O

Position: Drupal Developer

A software guru by trade, Sergei is a highly-motivated person, who is passionate about working on unique projects. His aim is bringing value in every line of the code. Sergei always strives to self-improvement.

Iryna Korobka

Position: Project manager

Iryna makes our office a great working environment by keeping work flow organized. She loves working with people and takes their opinions and needs into consideration.